Nail Polish Remover Machine

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Nail Polish Remover Machine

This nail machine uses steam to soften gel polish, remove kinds of gels in a short time, and can clean all 5 fingers at a time. In addition, the water in the nail polish remover can be reused to avoid waste.

Comfortable and safe

The Finger does not need to touch the resurrection water, safer and easier than the traditional nail polish remover kit. Using steam to remove nail polish, will not hurt your skin, the combination of heat and steam helps to soften the gel nail polish, and lift and slide the nails easily.

How to Use

Open the top cover of the steamer of the machine. Pour into a 5 to 0.3 fl oz gel removal solution. Use the nail file to file the top coat lightly. Turn on the power switch, then turn on the "H" light, after 2 minutes of the "S" light, you can put your fingers on the top cover. 

Suitable For All Nails

Great for removing different types of nails, including nail polish, acrylic nails, lacquer, and more. Ideal for those people who need to remove gel polish and professional people.


  • 5 nails polish on fingers can be cleaned disposable, removing the gel in a short time
  • The combination of heat helps to soften the gel nail polish, lift and slide off the nails easily
  • Safe and harmless.
  • This steam-off nail polish remover is portable and will not harm your skin
  • Ergonomic design, simple, comfortable, and convenient
  • Easy to use and clean